Andrea Kates

Hotel Creativity takes on two of the most important questions facing business leaders today:

  1. Can business afford not to be creative in today’s market conditions?
  2. Assuming that business faces an urgency to instill innovation in their cultures, can creativity be taught?

Henrik Hyldgaard provides a refreshing argument in favor of creativity that places him front and center in the current world of business strategy. His point of difference – a compelling case that is, creativity not only can be taught, but must be taught – in absolutely every business, large or small. Hyldgaard weaves familiar examples like Apple, Bang & Olufsen and unusual examples like the Lingerie Football League into a story about the power of creativity to transform business.

After reading this, you’ll want to recapture the imagination and spirit you had as a child, check yourself in at the state of mind that Hyldgaard calls “Hotel Creativity”, and begin to reignite your energy for sustainable change within your organization. Be prepared for a refreshing wake up call and a step-by-step process for how to revitalize your entire working life.

Andrea Kates
Bestselling author of Find Your Next Founder,
the Business Genome project